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Our History

Since 1987, we have had a diverse range of rescues, each with its own unique story. Our rescues come in all shapes, sizes, and backgrounds, from wild mustangs to retired racehorses to rescued ponies. 

The Brighter Days Horse Refuge, Inc. was founded by Jeannie and Bill Weatherholtz in 1987 located in Boerne, TX. The sanctuary was incorporated to rescue abused and neglected horses. Once rehabilitated, horses were available for adoption or if adoption was not possible due to health issues, they lived their lives out at the sanctuary. The Weatherholtz believed it would be a small operation but once they received a call from Bexar County law enforcement agency needing a rescue for 36 malnourished horses and ponies who were seized, reality set in. Over the next few years, the sanctuary moved to Pipe Creek, TX onto 21 acres off Krause Rd. 

As a new Board of Directors transitioned in, Brighter Days became also known as Hill Country Horse Rescue (HCHR). HCHR is still incorporated under the Brighter Days name and is run by the Board of Directors. We have over 15 horses in our care at any given time, some permanent rescues, and some adoptable rescues. 


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