Volunteers of any age are always welcome at Hill Country Horse Rescue! Our rescue requires daily maintenance of the pastures, fences, barns, shelters and horses too. 


Upon arrival, you will be greeted by one of our employees, Board Members, or a volunteer. You and your guests will be required to sign a wavier located in our Visitor's Center. Once signed, you will be escorted around the rescue while being introduced to our residents. A bag of treats will be provided or you may bring your own. 


After introductions, if you are interested in volunteering please ask for Carole or Kris. One of our Board Members will go over the process with you.


NOTE: Children under 18 years old will require a parent or guardian be present during volunteering. 


Horses love carrots and apples. Please feel free to bring some but please cut in small 1-inch pieces.


They'll take it right out of your flat hand and happily munch on their treats.


We do have older horses which cannot eat as much as our younger residents. Please mind the signs around the rescue indicating how to feed the horses properly.

Organic Carrots



Barn Workers

Barn workers are our heroes! They give hay to horses, clean stalls, ensure that horses have clean water, groom horses, and help out with the needs of the rescue.


Horse Caregivers

Those who have previous experience with horses may be able to groom horses. We always need veterinarian help as well!

Horse Stall


We need builders to help patch up or build some of our stalls, barns, fences, water pipes, and more. It would mean the world to the horses to have more shelter spaces.



Trainers are those who are experienced with horses and can train them in rehabilitation. A lot of our horses come in scarred and scared. We train them to learn to trust again so they can be adopted to good homes.