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Changes to Sponsorship/adoption policy

Effective immediately, the following changes are implemented:

1. All newly arrived horses will be under observation for no less than six months. Sponsorship will not be available until said horse(s) is cleared for adoption.

2. Only Board Members, staff and appointed volunteers are allowed to enter pasture/paddock, feed, groom and any other action with any horse placed in the 6 month observation period.

3. Sundays and Mondays are closed to all visitors, potential adopters, and sponsors. No exceptions.

4. Potential adopters must be able to show proper skills in caring for a horse prior to adoption in order to be considered. All of our rescue horses require a certain level of skill to be handled properly. If you are interested in learning just ask! We would love to teach ya!

5. The Board of Directors and staff reserve the right to cancel and/or deny any potential adoptions without notice.

6. Sponsorship of a horse does not guarantee said horse will not be adopted nor does sponsorship put the horse “on-hold”.

Our top priority is the safety of our horses and visitors. Rescue horses have a history we may not know and it takes time to build a bond. Please keep this in mind when considering adoption.

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