Our Adoption Program is for horses who have been rehabilitated and are ready to go to a new home. Those who wish to adopt a horse must provide a donation and sign our adoption contract. 

A screening process allows us to check on them for the first year. Part of our contract requires that if the horse is no longer wanted, then  MUST be brought back to the Rescue. The contract also states that the horse cannot be given away or sold.

We also require that you visit the horse multiple times, so that he will know you and WE can get to know YOU. Our only goal is to find the best possible home for our residents.

The adoption fee is a donation and not refundable. Sound, rideable young horses are few and far between, and there is a waiting list. 

The purpose of our requirements are to ensure that the horse is well cared for and wanted. Some of the residents have had very bad treatment and we do not wish to see them go through that abuse again. We want them to be loved by you.


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